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Great piece, Connor! I remember during the Charlie Mac years feeling rather agnostic about the whole MacAlexander vs Todd Ellis thing. Like many, I grew up with Fulton, and whoever took Fulton's place was going to struggle with acceptance in those early years, as demonstrated by the cool reception Mac received. Though it was obvious the guy was highly skilled - one of the best in the business, he just wasn't Bob Fulton. It also dovetailed, as you pointed out, with the decline of radio as the broadcast of nearly all games became nearly ubiquitous. I can't tell you the last time I listened to a sizable portion of a game via radio, but it was likely during the Fulton era. Having expressed my agnosticism about football play by play, I will also say that USC erred greatly in allowing Mike Morgan to get away. That guy was (and is) one of the best, and would have made me tune in for radio broadcasts if he were still around. Hope you have more to write about him! Thanks for another great piece.

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